Greenridge I Homeowners Association

ARB form available online

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Board of Directors Meeting

clock July 12, 2011 01:24 by author Administrator

Thursday, July 14, 2011 @ 7 p.m. 

1540 Ansley Place

Brief meeting to discuss Board business & what help is available to us for any foreclosed homes in the neighborhood.

Damage to Sign

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Over the 4th of July holiday, someone thought it would be a great idea to tear letters off both sides of our Greenridge sign.

We have filed a report with the Sheriff's office and they will be increasing patrols by the neighborhood.  If you saw anything, please let Colleen know.  The management company has also been notified and we'll see what options are available to us.

The Board will be setting a meeting in the next 2 weeks to discuss repairs & other business.  A sign will be posted at the entrance when an exact time is determined.

We hope you enjoy a happy 4th of July and we say thank you to all who have served and continue to serve our country!

Board Documents

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Greenridge I Original Covenants - Restrictions.pdf (1.23 mb)


Greenridge I Amendment One.pdf (147.90 kb)


Greenridge I Amendment Two.pdf (216.05 kb)

Our Beautiful Fence

clock March 16, 2010 19:48 by author Administrator

Our new fence & repaired posts look amazing!  Thanks to Ray Easterling & his crew. 

Because we were able to budget wisely over the past few years & work with Ray, we paid for the fence without a special assessment! 

The fence looks even better now, doesn't it?

Yard Sale this Saturday!

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This Saturday, March 20, 2010 is our Annual Yard Sale so clean out those closets & make some money!

US Census Coming Soon!

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The US Census will be mailed to you home shortly.

Please fill yours out & mail it back.  It's only 10 questions & it takes only 10 minutes but it determines our county's funding for the next 10 years!

The information you provide is kept private for 72 years & only the statistical data is used to determine funding.  If you don't fill out your Census & mail it back, Census workers will come door to door to ask for the information, so save your time & our money by mailing it back right away!

Visist for details.


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No new updates on the situation with JEA.  It still looks good for Greenridge I & II.  We have documentation to support our claims and we are waiting for their official response.  We will keep you posted.

Annual Garage Sale!

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The Greenridge Neighborhood Annual Yard Sale will be on Saturday, March 20, 2010.  We'll be putting out signs for the neighborhood, but you're welcome to put your own out too.  Good luck & makes lots of money!

Problem with Streetlights?

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If the streetlight near your house isn't working properly visit FPL at to submit the info for them to fix it.  You will need to have the address of one of the houses closest to the light and the number posted on the light.  Thanks for helping to keep up our neighborhood!